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The 3d printed house revolution is almost here! Before it becomes common to buy a home for less than $100k that takes less than a month to build…let’s take a second to see how much of an impact this can be to the world.
On one hand this could sky rocket profits on rental homes. That is amazing. You can take more risks and offer housing for more people. What if people wanted to pay less for these homes or investors wanted to be more competitive and still make amazing margins on their homes but at half the price? Then in that case it will destabilize the rental market and no one would want to rent anything other than a 3d printed home. Then rent prices will have to fall and investors would lose all their margin and it would cause a massive collapse.
Say we did this same scenario for airbnb investments. The margins would be nuts. Or you can make these homes more competitive and then it would lower all short term housing prices. Then hosts that put $60k+ into building out their home inside to make it look cool would be losing money left and right.
What if we figure this all out and investing in this kind of home makes the most sense? Then we are evil! Hah, no for real. This can be the remedy for affordable housing in a world that the wealth gap is so insane that in most major cities on the rich can afford to buy a home. Are investors going to be the reason why working class America can’t get housing?

These questions will define the next generation and I would love to get your opinion on this topic so we can shape the future before it becomes our present.

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